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Sleeping With Angels REQUIEM - Sleeping With Angels

1. Cowards And Liars Song
2. Tired And Furious
3. Do Not Rip Me
4. Suffering
5. So What
6. Nie Wybielaj Mnie
7. Destiny

In a Land of the Eternal Smile REQUIEM - In a Land of the Eternal Smile

1. Tomb Tranquility
2. Almost Natural
3. Pretend
4. Other Worlds
5. Requiem For
6. From Excitation to Disappointment
7. Pride
8. Insensibility
9. Slave

The Twenty Seven Club REQUIEM - The Twenty Seven Club

1. The Twenty Seven Club.
2. Song without name
3. Mess of the Mind
4. When the candle will light
5. Spirits up
6. The emptiness
7. Waking up after the horrid life
8. Self-assessment
9.To fly with you
10.Unreal world
11. Obsessive-compulsive neurosis
12.Unnecessary tears
13.Thousands of broken mirrors.
14. Smile (Bonus Track)
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